Best DDoS Protected VPS 2021 [Full Guide]

Best DDoS Protected VPS

What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack, short for Distributed Denial of Service, is a type of attack that tries to stop your website or web service from answering your commands or your clients’ requests. They do that by engaging and occupying one of your hosting machine’s resources to the fullest. The targeted resource is often your machine’s internet bandwidth, memory, or CPU. How the attackers do that is by sending a very large number of requests to your VPS or dedicated hosting at the same time.

How Bad Is a DDoS Attack on a VPS?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting where a physical dedicated server is divided into several Virtual Machines or VMs each with a dedicated portion of the server resources and bandwidth. It is much lighter and therefore much cheaper than a dedicated server, but generally works the same way.

How DDoS Attacks are Prevented?

As I said before, standard firewalls and WAF systems cannot identify or stop a DDoS attack. For preventing DDoS attacks, new cloud security services have emerged that are smarter in their identifying algorithms and at the same time, because they are distributed systems too, can stop a DDoS attack.

How DDoS Attacks are Blocked?

There are heavy DDoS attacks that nonetheless find their way through the proxy cloud servers to the origin server(s) or VPS and cripple it. For the more advanced DDoS attacks which disguise themselves well enough to be rerouted to the origin server or VPS like normal traffic, these cloud security systems try to mitigate the attack by scanning the traffic for telltale signs of malicious intent and block a portion of traffic on that basis. This way, only healthy organic traffic reaches the origin server or VPS and it is not overwhelmed.

Notable DDoS Protection Services

1. Project Shield

Project Shield is a powerful DDoS protection from Google, but not everyone’s invited.

2. Cloudflare

Cloudflare are a giant in the field of DDoS Protection. They are a Content Delivery Network or CDN that includes Cloud Security systems, and cloud security includes DDoS protection. They offer free service for small websites but usually you will need to upgrade to paid plans when you encounter actual DDoS attacks (prices start at $200 or £149 a month).

3. AWS Shield

AWS Shield protection is provided by Amazon Web Services or AWS. There are many business and individuals who use AWS cloud services for hosting their websites, web services, or storing data. The ‘Standard’ tier of AWS Shield is available to all AWS customers at no extra charge. However, the bandwidth is still limited by the size of your service instance, so you may run out of bandwidth even when your services remain intact.

4. Microsoft Azure

Like Amazon, Microsoft offers the option to rent service space via their service Azure. All members benefit from basic DDoS protection. For organizations in need of more sophisticated protection Azure also offers a ‘Standard’ tier. This has been widely praised for being very easy to enable.

5. Verisign DDoS Protection / Neustar

Note: Verisign’s security services are transferred to Neustar.

Best DDoS Protected VPS and Hosting ✅

There are many types of use-cases where a website or web service may be targeted by DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, it is very common (and very easy) for business rivals to put DDoS attacks on each other’s websites and servers. It is even common for personal grudge, since DDoS attacks are very easy and cheap to order.

DDoS Protected WordPress VPS and Servers

A WordPress website is easy target for all kinds of attacks. It is the most popular Content Management System on the internet, so hackers always watch closely for new and undiscovered holes in the system to penetrate a lot of website and infect thousands of servers in one go.

Best DDoS Protected Forex VPS

Best DDoS Protected Game VPS or Server

Games servers or Game VPS are another kind of publicly known servers which might be targeted by DDoS attacks. Game rivalry and all. A Game VPS or game server is a machine on the internet used to run a game server software through which several online players can join a gaming session and play together.

Best DDoS Protected General Hosting

OVH Cloud are a well-known hosting company providing all kinds of hosting services. They have great offers including added security and protection on all their hosting plans. (Did you hear about their datacenter burning down just recently, though? That was a huge bummer.)

Best DDoS Protected VPS Hosting

Maybe you haven’t found your specific use-case in the options mentioned above, or are just looking for a general use VPS with DDoS protection. We are not short on those options. Many well-known hosting companies provide DDoS protection on their services.



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